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How to Edit & Regenerate an Invoice
How to Edit & Regenerate an Invoice

Once a document is created, it can be edited within a job if changes are needed. Once edited, it will be regenerated automatically

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How to Edit & Regenerate an Invoice in Base: A Comprehensive Guide


Change is bound to happen, whether it's client feedback or a minor mistake. However, accurate and timely invoicing remains crucial. Base's flexible platform recognizes this and offers seamless solutions to modify and regenerate invoices.

Streamlining Invoice Modifications:

1. Why Editing Matters:

Sometimes, the details change after creating an invoice. Whether it's an updated client requirement or fixing a mistake, the ability to adjust an invoice is crucial for clarity and building trust.

2. Base’s Solution to Invoice Adjustments:

With Base, mistakes are not permanent. The platform provides a simple way to regenerate an invoice, instantly replacing the initial document with updated information, without any hassle.

3. Role-Based Permissions:

Not everyone can alter an invoice – and that's intentional. To safeguard against inadvertent changes and maintain data integrity, permissions play a pivotal role:

  • You'd typically require Jobs > Invoice > Admin permissions to edit and regenerate an invoice.

  • Understand that once an invoice is approved or submitted, there are additional layers of permissions and constraints. It's designed to ensure that only authorized individuals with the right permissions can make such modifications.

4. Stepwise Guide to Edit & Regenerate an Invoice:

  • Go to the Job Details page.

  • In the tabs, select Quotes and Invoices.

  • Find and select the invoice to edit by clicking the Edit Button.

  • Clicking this pops up a modal that contains the specifics of the invoice document.

  • After the revisions are made, click on the Re-Generate button.

  • As a part of the enhanced user experience, Base immediately generates the invoice and you can view it in the Invoices Table. For easy access and future references, the document is auto-downloaded to your file repository.


Deepening Your Invoice Understanding:

Editing is crucial. Having a thorough understanding of the invoice process can greatly enhance your experience with Base. Take a deep dive into our approval system to understand the intricacies. Additionally, explore our guide on accounts receivable invoices to gain insights. With Base, each iteration of an invoice showcases your commitment to accuracy and client satisfaction. Navigate, edit, and deliver with confidence!

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