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How to Create a Purchase Order (PO)
How to Create a Purchase Order (PO)

Purchase Orders can be created and viewed from within a job

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How to Create a Purchase Order (PO) in Base: Your Comprehensive Guide


A Purchase Order (PO) is crucial in every business. It's not just a piece of paper or digital record, but a commitment, a reference, and a vital part of the financial puzzle. It simplifies the process from job initiation to payment realization.

Simplifying Purchase Order Creation with Base:

1. The Need for a PO:

Clarity is key in business transactions, especially with subcontractors and vendors. A purchase order (PO) is a structured and user-friendly document that promotes mutual understanding and streamlines invoice processing between you and your vendor.

2. Why use Base for your PO Management:

Creating a purchase order (PO) might seem tedious, but with Base, it's a streamlined process. Our platform merges expenses into a single job, converting them into a PO that can be easily sent to your vendor. By using the PO number as a reference, reconciling and referencing becomes hassle-free. When both sides utilize Base, the system seamlessly matches POs, enhancing your transactional experience.

3. How to create a PO in Base:

When you're creating a PO, understanding each component is essential to your success.

  • List of Expenses: Collate the expenses relevant to this PO.

  • Vendor Information: Detail out the vendor's identity to ensure the PO reaches the right destination.

4. Getting Started with Creating a Purchase Order in Base:

  • Begin by navigating to the Jobs page.

  • Pick the job of your choice by going to Job Details.

  • Within the tabs, head to the Purchase Orders section.

  • A structured table, the Purchase Order Table, is now visible. Your past POs for this job reside here.

  • To initiate a new PO, seek the Add New button. It's placed both at the top and bottom of the table.

  • For a PO to be meaningful, ensure the job has relevant expenses. These would reflect on the PO, offering clarity to the vendor. Once in the generate purchase order modal, the expenses related to job will appear. Select them to put on the PO by using the check boxes next to each one.

  • Next, fill out the vendor's credentials beneath the expense selection.

  • Once satisfied, complete by hitting the Generate button.

  • The PO is now crafted and can be revisited anytime by going to the Job Details, selecting the View Icon, and then navigating to the Purchase Orders table. Here you can view, edit, and archive your PO from the table.


Extending Your Knowledge:

A Purchase Order is a dynamic item that may require modifications. To learn how to edit or regenerate your Purchase Order, refer to our guide on generating POs. Additionally, for comprehensive vendor management, familiarize yourself with registering the Vendor invoice. With Base in your toolkit, every transactional step becomes well-coordinated. Navigate, Create, Streamline, and Repeat!

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