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How to Create a Quote
How to Create a Quote

Quotes can be generated and viewed from within a job

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How to Create a Quote in Base: Your Step-by-Step Guide


Speed, accuracy, and professionalism are crucial in business. Providing clients with quick and detailed quotes sets expectations and can make all the difference in landing a job. Base's Quote Module is specifically designed for this, ensuring your business responds with agility and precision.

Paving the Way for Efficient Quote Creation:

1. Why Quotes Matter:

A quote is typically the initial formal document in a business transaction, whether direct client request, proposal, or bid for a new job. It serves as an outline and a promise, forming the basis for future interactions

2. Utilizing Base’s Quote Module:

With Base, generating quotes becomes effortless. Our intuitive platform ensures that your quotes are directly tied to jobs, making it easy to track them through your sales funnel.

3. Dive into the Fields:

Every quote has unique components that give it structure:

  • Reference: The primary identification code or descriptor for the quote.

  • Terms: The conditions or stipulations attached to the quote.

  • Expires At: The date the quoted offer expires.

  • Currency: The set currency used on the invoice.

  • Client: The company you are quoting the services to.

  • Client Address: The client company address.

  • Client Contact: The point of contact for the client company.

4. Features and Functionalities:

  • Quotes remain distinct and won't sync with the accounting module, ensuring clarity and separation.

  • Jobs with only quotes retain a 'Requested' status. Generating a proforma or invoice will automatically update the job status to 'Open'.

  • A quote remains a tailored document for the client and will further integrate with the request system, enhancing user experience.

5. Guide to Quote Generation:

  1. Start by navigating to the Jobs Modal.

  2. Select a specific job's details.

  • Among the tabs, pinpoint the Quotes and Invoices.

  • A table, known as the Quotes Table, will open. All previous quotes reside here as well.

  • To craft a new quote, locate and click the Add New button (both top and bottom of the table).

  • Ensure your job has relevant charges. This will be reflected in the quote for clarity. Charges can be selected using the checkboxes next to each charge.

  • Fill out the client's details beneath the charge selection.

  • Finish by pressing the Generate Quote button.

  • Once your quote is generated, it is easy to locate. Just pop into the Quotes Table in Job Details and hit the View Icon.


Enhancing Your Quote Management:

Understanding the creation and use of a quote is pivotal. However, it's equally important to recognize its dynamic fields and functions. Explore our document template guide to learn about structures and features. Additionally, for modifications, see how to edit and regenerate a quote. Remember, with Base, every quote is more than just a document; it's a statement of your work and efficiency.

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