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How to Create an Invoice
How to Create an Invoice

Invoices can be created and viewed from within a job

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How to Create an Invoice in Base: Effortlessly Manage Your Billables

Taking Your Client Relationship to the Next Phase:

You've completed the job, received approval from the client, and potentially completed services. Next, it's time to make sure you get paid for your work.

A Streamlined Guide to Creating Invoices For Billing:

1. Navigate to Job Details:

Start by accessing the specific job details. Once you're within the job, go to the Quotes and Invoices tab.


2. Review the Data:

Before diving into invoice creation, ensure your job has related charges. These charges serve as the backbone for the invoice's content.

3. Create the Invoice:

In the Invoices Table, click on the Add New button. Conveniently, you'll find this button both at the table's top and bottom.


4. Build the Invoice:

  • Selecting Charges: A selection table of charges appears at the top. Choose the charges you'd like to incorporate into your invoice. Note: After connecting charges to an invoice, they won't pop up in this selection table again. This design ensures no accidental double-billing.

  • Populate Client Details: Beneath the charges section, there's a space for inputting client information. Fill in the requested details.


5. Generate Your Invoice:

With all the necessary data in place, click on the Generate button and your invoice has been created.

6. Overseeing Your Creation:

Your new invoice now shows in the Invoice Table. To see specifics, click on the View Icon.


Invoices: The Heart of B2B Transactions:

An invoice is more than just a payment request. It represents the completion and quality of work. Whether you've dealt with paper invoices or used Excel before, Base streamlines and digitizes this crucial step by connecting operations with accounting, creating a seamless transactional flow.

Efficiency is the key to successful B2B transactions, and creating a billable invoice in Base epitomizes this principle. Every job has its worth, and every service demands its rightful compensation. With this guide, unlock a smoother, more transparent billing journey with your clients.

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