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How to Edit a Job

There are several ways to edit a job. In this article, the modal will be used to update information within a job

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How to Edit a Job in Base

Taking Control of Your Workflow with Easy Job Edits:

In any business, the ability to adapt on the fly is crucial. Client needs may change or new details may arise. Base provides the tools for quick and precise edits to your work, ensuring a seamless experience that prioritizes accuracy and efficiency.

Guide to Editing a Job in Base:

1. Access the Jobs Table:

Here, you'll see a list of all the jobs you've created. The edit icon is positioned between the view and archive icons for easy access.


2. Edit Mode:

Click the Edit Icon to activate a modal that presents all of the information entered for this job. This intuitive pop-up saves you from delving deep into job details, making edits a breeze.


3. Make the Necessary Changes:

The modal allows you to tweak multiple aspects of the job. From updating the description, client details, and status to making changes to any custom fields.

4. Submit Your Edits:

Once satisfied, finalize your changes. Remember, every edit is meticulously logged for transparency and compliance.


Diving Deeper into Base's Editing Features:

  • Custom Fields: When editing a job, the custom fields you've added via Base's customization options will be included in the form. These fields offer specific data points designed to meet your business's individual requirements.

  • Summary Fields: Be aware that summary fields are non-editable from the edit screen. These fields are automated, summarizing relevant data and providing a snapshot for quick referencing.

Empowering Through Knowledge:

  • Managing Users: Manage job editing authority with Base. Our granular permission settings ensure that only authorized personnel can make edits. Explore our guide on Permission Settings to learn more about implementing this feature effectively.

In Base, your job management is streamlined, flexible, and under your command. Every tool is designed with your business needs in mind, ensuring that you remain at the helm, steering your operations towards excellence. Explore further and unlock the many facets of Base that can transform the way you manage your B2B service jobs.

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