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Create Companies You Do Business With
Create Companies You Do Business With

This article is a prerequisite for creating a job and shows how to set up a company within Base

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Create Companies You Do Business With in Base

Product Context:

Base simplifies and streamlines the operational workflow of service providers. It covers everything from client requests to service fulfillment, invoicing, vendor payments, and receiving payments.

Streamlining Your B2B Interactions: A Comprehensive Guide

1. The Challenge:

Tracking the companies you engage with in business is pivotal. You need to manage your invoices, create purchase orders, and maintain a seamless interaction history.

2. Base’s Solution:

Base makes it easy to import your existing contacts and company data, or add them manually, setting you up for a successful and organized business relationship.

Step-by-Step Guide to Create Companies in Base:

1. Navigate to the Companies Tab:

On the left-hand side of your Base dashboard, locate and click on the 'Companies' tab. (Note: Admin rights are required to access this feature).

2. Adding a New Company:

At the top and bottom of the Companies page, click the 'Add New' button to open a form requiring the company’s details:

  • Company Name

  • Type (Client or Vendor)

  • Primary Contact (First and Last Name)

  • Email Address

  • Phone Number

  • Billing Address


3. Filling Out the Company Form:

Ensure all details are accurately filled.



The 'Type' field is crucial as it determines whether the company is a client or a vendor within Base.


4. Submitting the Form:

Once all the required information is entered, click the 'Submit' button to save the company’s information in the system.


Next Steps

  • Create a Job Now that you’ve added companies, let’s move forward. Follow our guide on creating a job for your customers here.


Managing your business interactions is now easier than ever with Base. Add clients or vendors, kickstart invoicing and purchase orders, and maintain an organized record of all companies you do business with. Start adding companies today and move your business forward confidently and seamlessly.

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