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How to Create a New Job
How to Create a New Job

Creating a new job using the create job form

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How to Create a New Job in Base: The Seamless Way

One-Stop Solution for Client Requests:

Responding promptly to client requests can distinguish your company from others. Base provides a simple job creation system, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve.

Step-by-Step Guide: Initiating a New Job

1. Create the Client:

Ensure you have the company established as a client in Base. This foundation ensures smooth job creation later on.

2. Navigate to Job Creation:

Within the Jobs module, use either of the Add New buttons, placed at the top and bottom of the Jobs Table.


3. Create the Job:

Clicking Add New reveals a job creation form with the following information to be filled out:

  • Description: Use this to provide a brief description about the job or highlight unique requirements.

  • Client: Use the drop-down to assign the job to a client.

  • Created By: This is used to document and show who created the job.

  • Status: Select the appropriate status from the drop-down. Please note that a job with only a quote remains in Requested status. Upon generating an invoice, the status updates to 'Open'.

  • Custom Fields: Tailor-made fields unique to your organization will appear here once established.


4. Submit The Job:

After entering the required data, click Add Job at the bottom of the form. Your new job will now appear in the Jobs Table.

5. Do Something With The Job:

Next to each job in the table, utilize the buttons to view, edit, or archive jobs.


Deeper Dive into Base's Numbering System:

When you create a new job in Base, our advanced auto-numbering system provides unique job numbers without any manual input. This eliminates the need for manual job number entry.

Expanding Your Horizons with Base:

Crafting a new job in Base is more than just adding a task; it's setting the stage for a successful client project. With the tools and flexibility at your fingertips, manage, and monitor jobs with unparalleled ease. Dive deeper and streamline your B2B service provision with Base.

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