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WIP Report
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Open WIP Reports in Base

Product Context:

Base caters to the specific needs of service providers and streamlines workflows, starting from receiving client requests, through service fulfillment, invoicing, vendor payments, and receiving payments.

Managing Unbilled Work and Open Charges

1. The Problem:

Base is dedicated to completing every job and preparing it for billing, but sometimes there are revenue lines that are incomplete or charges that remain uninvoiced. In the worst-case situation, billable work may go unbilled for more than a month.

2. Base’s Solution:

The Work in Progress (WIP) report in Base serves as a tool for administrators and financial teams, offering an insight into open revenue and charge lines, pending quotes, invoices, or potential deletions.

Step-by-Step Instruction: Using Open WIP Reports

1. Start your report:

Select 'Accounting' from the left navigation panel.

2. Go to Reports:

Click 'Reports' on the drop down menu.


On the reports page, click the View Icon next to 'WIP Detail'.


3. Date Picker:

Choose your as-of date. This is crucial as it determines the specific date for which you wish to view the open WIPs or charge lines.


4. Reveal the Data:

Click 'Refresh' and Base loads the table, showcasing all open WIPs as of your chosen date.


5. Take it to Go:

Feel free to export the displayed data to Excel using the ‘Export’ button, arranging it in the format you find most convenient.


Next Steps

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  • Open Accruals Report: Enhance your financial control by checking our comprehensive guide on generating and viewing open accrual reports here.

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In Conclusion:

Searching through unbilled work and managing open charges is crucial for financial control. The WIP Report by Base offers clarity and precision in handling finances. Use this guide as your roadmap to harness the full potential of the WIP report and ensure no billable work goes unnoticed.

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