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Financial Overview Dashboard
Financial Overview Dashboard
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Navigating the Dashboard Financial Overview


Base can help businesses effortlessly track jobs, manage costs, and streamline AR and AP processes - from the initial client request to the payment receipt.

Challenge: High-Level Financial Clarity

1. The Challenge:

In job management teams are always working hard to ensure timely cash collection from clients. Managers try to gain an understanding of team productivity - identifying key players, managing workload distribution, and recognizing efforts that drive your company's financial growth.

2. Base’s Solution:

Base understands the need and provides a day-by-day breakdown of a team’s performance, offering visibility into financial charges, incurred expenses, and individual activities, all tailored to a selected time-frame. With an intuitive Time Indicator, Base allows navigation through various preset time periods, insight into an overview of your entire organization’s financial workflows.

A Step-by-Step Guide: Financial Overview

1. Dashboard:

Start by clicking “Dashboard” located on the left-hand column of your Base interface.

2. Date Filter:

At the top of your Dashboard, you’ll find the Date Filter. Select the date range that aligns with your analytical needs.


3. Seal the Deal:

Click the “...” option to set your chosen date range as your preferred time frame.


Next Steps:

Base has more tools to help manage and understand your businesses financials.

  • Accrual Reports: Gather insights on expenses pending processing in your accounting system with our guide on Generating Accrual Reports.

  • Job Profitability Reports: Look into your jobs’ financial health, tracking everything from charges and expenses to invoicing and allocations with our guide on Generating Job Profitability Reports.


The Dashboard Financial Overview in Base offers clarity and control over your organization’s financials. By following this guide, you now know how to navigate through this feature, ensuring you have all the necessary insights.

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