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Accrual Report
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A Guide to Generating and Viewing Accrual Reports in Base


Base is a software solution tailored for service providers. Base aims to optimize job tracking, cost management, and the entire accounts payable and receivable process from initial client request to final payment.

Open Accruals: A Common Challenge in Financial Management

1. The Problem:

Financial operations can have a few roadblocks such as job costs pending and outstanding vendor invoices. This puts your financials at risk, highlighting the need for clear visibility on outstanding expenses.

2. Base’s Solution:

Enter the Accrual Report. This is Base’s solution for administrators and financial teams to pull up-to-date information on open accruals, providing a bird’s-eye view on expenses awaiting closure.

A Step-by-Step Walkthrough: Generating and Viewing Open Accruals in Base

1. Getting Started

Start the process by selecting 'Accounting' from the left navigation panel.

2. Go to Reports:

Find and click on 'Reports' on the dropdown menu


then select 'Accrual Report' by clicking the ‘View Icon’.


3. Pick Your Date:

Choose your preferred as-of date. This will pull all of the accrual information up to that date.


4. Bring Up the Data:

Hit 'Refresh'. Watch as Base loads the table, neatly presenting all open accruals as of your selected date.


5. Take It With You:

Optionally, export the data to Excel, arranging it in the format that best suits your needs.


Next Steps

  • Job Profitability: Take control of your financial performance by understanding Job Profitability. Learn how with our detailed guide here.


Managing open accruals is crucial for financial management. Base's Accrual Report is a powerful tool that offers clarity and control over outstanding expenses, ensuring accurate accounting. Whether you're an administrator or financial controller, this guide will help you master accrual management for precise and reliable finances.

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