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Consolidated Invoices (Batches)
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Invoice Management


Base ensures a seamless transition through various business stages—from receiving client requests to job completion, invoicing, vendor payment, and receiving payment.

Understanding the Challenge: Enhancing Your Invoice Management

1. The Challenge:

Working in complex industries with tight margins requires attention to vendor invoices. Traditional accounting systems may fall short, lacking the flexibility for detailed scrutiny.

2. Base’s Solution:

Base's invoice module stands out with its robust capabilities. It enables users to view, update, archive, batch, and approve invoices, integrating seamlessly with your accounting system for updates on paid invoices.

Step-by-Step Guide: Optimizing Your Invoice Management

1. Accessing Accounts Receivables:

From the left-hand column, select "Accounting" > "Accounts Receivables".


2. Finding Your Invoice:

Navigate through the list to find the specific invoice you wish to manage.

3. Managing Your Invoice:

Utilize the action menu to:

  • View and possibly merge details into a final packet.

  • Update the invoice's header information.

  • Archive the invoice as necessary.


4. Batching Invoices:

Use the batching function located in the top section for internal record-keeping, helping you track when invoices have been sent to clients.


To batch invoices, first select the client you’d like to batch the invoices for


Once your client is selected, select the invoices you want to batch using the check boxes next to the appropriate invoice


Once the correct invoices have been selected, add any necessary batch notes


Then click the ‘Batch’ button to batch the invoices


5. Approving the Invoice:

To transition your invoice from proforma to approved status, click the ‘Approval’ button in the action menu.


This will prompt you with an approval modal where you can select the lines to approve using the check boxes on the left of each line


Once you have approved all the necessary lines, click this ‘Approve Lines & Invoice’ button


Important Notes

Critical Information:

Proper management and approval of invoices are crucial for maintaining transparency and ensuring accurate financial records.

Next Steps

To maximize your use of Base, consider exploring the following resources:

  • Base 101: Navigating Invoice Stages: Gain insights into the various stages an invoice undergoes within Base.

  • Mastering Invoice Approvals: Discover the ins and outs of the invoice approval process.

  • How to Approve Billing Backup Files: Learn the process of approving billing backup files to ensure comprehensive invoice management.


Base transforms your invoice management process, bringing efficiency, precision, and swift handling. This guide serves as your comprehensive resource for mastering invoice management, empowering you to handle every aspect with confidence. Embrace the full capabilities of Base, and take your invoice management to the next level.

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