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How to Upload Files to a Job (+ Make them Secure)
How to Upload Files to a Job (+ Make them Secure)

Files other than quotes, purchase orders, and quotes are sometimes needed within a job. This article explains how to add them

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How to Upload Files to a Job (+ Make them Secure) in Base

The Need for Streamlined Document Management in B2B Services:

Managing documentation can be exhausting. Between email threads, multiple spreadsheets, and the potential for miscommunication, productivity can take a hit. However, having a centralized hub for all your work documents makes them organized and securely stored for easy access.

The Challenge:

Having scattered documentation across multiple platforms can result in inefficiency and security risks. Unauthorized access or unintentional changes may compromise the integrity of your project.

The Base Solution:

Base the ultimate solution for overcoming challenges. Our SaaS platform offers a single space to store all your job-related documents, with advanced file management features for easy access and enhanced security.

Step-by-step Guide to Uploading and Securing Files:

1. Starting Point:

After launching Base, go to the Jobs page by selecting it from the navigation menu on the left.

2. Accessing a Specific Job:

Once on the Jobs page, locate the job you want to manage. Click on the View Icon adjacent to it. This action will lead you to a detailed view of the chosen job.


3. Navigating to the Files Section:

In this view, you will notice a series of tabs. Click on the Files tab and open the file management area.


4. Uploading a File:

  • Within the Files tab, you’ll notice an area bordered by a gray dashed line – that's the Drop Zone.

  • You can either drag and drop your desired file into this zone or click inside this area to browse and select the file from your device.

  • Once selected, the file will be uploaded to the job.

5. Setting File Permissions:

  • After your file is successfully uploaded, permissions can be managed.

  • Next to the newly uploaded file, you’ll find a permissions dropdown (located beside the archive button).

  • Clicking on this will introduce you to a modal containing access configurations.

  • image.png
  • By default, Guest Permissions are disabled, ensuring that guests cannot access the files. However, you can customize access by ticking or unticking the respective checkboxes.


After making your choices, hit Save. Now, your file is uploaded and secure.

Delving Deeper into Security:

Documentation is crucial. For more information on how Base protects your files from unauthorized viewers, check out our File Management Security Guide. It offers detailed insights into our strong security measures for B2B service providers.

Exploring more features or have questions? Base's extensive knowledge base and dedicated support team are always here to assist. Dive deep into our platform’s capabilities and elevate your B2B service operations to new heights.

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