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How to Upload Custom Document Templates
How to Upload Custom Document Templates

In order to generate documents, entities will need custom temples. This is how to upload them

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How to Upload Custom Document Templates in Base

The Flexibility of Custom Document Templates:

Tailoring customized business documents can be invaluable. Base stands apart from other systems by combining the power of custom fields with the simplicity of Microsoft Word, offering a flexible document generator unlike any other.

Base's Document Generator:

Unlike systems that follow a rigid, one-size-fits-all approach, Base stands out with its intuitive document generator. Whether it's adding your unique signature to a quote or crafting a client-specific invoice, Base's customizable document templates open up a world of possibilities and ensure a seamless experience.

Guide to Uploading Your Custom Document Templates:

1. Requirement:

Note that only those with admin status have access to upload custom document templates.

2. Navigate to β€˜ Organization Settings':

This is located at the bottom left of your Base dashboard.


3. Accessing Document Templates:

Within the organization's page, locate the Document Template tab. Here, you'll also find an option to add your organization's logo – giving your documents a branded touch.


4. Uploading Your Templates:

Simply drag and drop your template into the desired upload square or if you prefer to browse, click on one of the file upload boxes, which will prompt File Explorer to open.


Deep Dive into Document Customization:

  • Plan Differences: The Base Starter Plan provides default documents without customization features. Upgrade to the Team Plan to unlock full customization capabilities and align your documents with your brand's voice. Learn more about changing your plan with our guide on How to Change your Billing Plan or License Pricing.

  • Screenshot Tip: It's beneficial to have a visual guide. Including a screenshot of the default template, especially highlighting how the logo appears can be a game-changer for many users.

  • Recommendations for the Best Experience: For optimal results, ensure your templates are in a compatible format, ideally Microsoft Word, and adhere to Base's template size guidelines. Also, consider running test prints to confirm the layout and design of your templates.

Next Steps:

Now that your documents are personalized and ready, unleash their potential. Customize them further as needed. Once satisfied, use your templates by starting a job, making a quote, sending an invoice, or creating a purchase order. See your business communications become clearer, sharper, and uniquely yours.

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