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How to Filter, Search, and Export a Table
How to Filter, Search, and Export a Table

Any table within Base can be manipulated and searched using this guide

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Navigating Data Efficiently on Base: A Comprehensive Guide to Filtering, Searching, and Exporting


Power is not only in gathering data but also in swiftly accessing and analyzing it. Base is a platform designed for quick data retrieval with a user-friendly interface.

Efficiently Traversing Your Data Landscape:

1. The Challenge:

Handling extensive data can seem overwhelming, especially when traditional tools have complex navigation and search systems that slow down your processes.

2. Base's Solution:

Base provides advanced table features for quick search, filter, and export. It's not just about retrieving data, but targeting meaningful data during the retrieval.

3. Step by Step Guide:

1. Search:

At the top right of every table in Base is a search bar โ€“ your quickest way to search through specific data. Type in your keyword, and watch Base display relevant results in real-time.


2. Filters:

  • To the left of the search bar is the Filter Button.

  • Clicking on it unfolds options that let you craft customized search criteria.

  • Select your desired field.

  • Choose an operator that defines your relationship with the data.

  • Define the value.

  • If you need to filter by more criteria click the Add Filter button.

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  • If you need to adjust or remove filter you can remove them one by one or you can clear them at once with the Clear All Filters button.

  • Once satisfied, the Submit Button adjusts your table to show only the filtered results.


3. Export to Excel:

  • Whether it's a broad dataset or a filtered one, Base lets you export it. Click the Export Button next to the filter button. Your data is then created into an Excel spreadsheet.


Bonus: Base's Permalinks

The filters you apply in Base creates a unique permalink. You can bookmark or copy-paste them wherever you need, and when you come back, your filters will be available, making it convenient to explore examples like "My Jobs" , "Jobs by Client" or any necessary criteria you need.

Get the Most Out of Data with Base:

Data is expansive, but with Base, navigation of this data becomes easy. Analyze your data, retrieve insights, and drive decisions faster. To learn more about what Base can do for data, check out our guides.

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