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How to Set Up a New User

Members or guests of an organization can be setup from within Base using these steps

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Setting Up a New User on Base: An In-depth Guide


As businesses grow and bring in new team members, it becomes essential to integrate them into Base. Here, we outline the steps to smoothly introduce a new member to your Base organization.

Expanding Your Team on Base:

1. Understanding the Need:

Base is not only powerful because of its features, but also due to its collaboration abilities. Whether you have a new team member or are expanding your existing crew, using Base ensures consistent tracking, job management, and financial processes for everyone involved.

2. Making Room for New Users:

Before you begin creating a new user, make sure you have a free seat available. If not, you'll need to add an extra seat. Follow these steps to navigate to your organization's settings and locate the Members tab.


Clicking the Mange Seats button will show you how many open seats you have.


3. Onboarding a New User:

  • Start on Base's dashboard and go to the Organization Settings Tab, located at the bottom left.

  • This brings up a view of all the organization's members. To add a new user, click the Add New Button, located towards the top.

  • Clicking the button reveals a modal – the hub for defining the member's attributes. Begin with basics like their name and email address.

  • Establish their role by configuring permissions for every module. This step is pivotal to ensure that the new member can contribute without unnecessary access.

  • There are different permission levels that can be set for each part of a module which include, read only, edit, admin, and allowing table configurations.

  • To set each permission, check the checkbox in each level of permission you would like the user to have. Any boxes left blank will mean that part of the module is hidden from them.

  • When ready, click on the Invite Member Button. Base will send an email invitation for the new user. They will need to accept this to complete the onboarding process.

  • The email that is received by the user is shown below:


Understanding Permissions:

Having a solid grasp of permissions can optimize each user's experience on Base. To make it easier to learn, check out our detailed guide on Managing Users. Build your team with Base and experience synchronized operations at their best!

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