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How to Push an AP Invoice (Vendor Bill) to Xero
How to Push an AP Invoice (Vendor Bill) to Xero

Once an invoice has been fully allocated, it can be pushed to the appropriate accounting software

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How to Push an AP Invoice (Vendor Bill) to Xero in Base

Understanding the Business Needs:

Efficient payable invoice management is crucial for business-to-business (B2B) interactions. Promptly recording these documents in the accounting system ensures timely payments and a healthy cash flow. Base simplifies and streamlines this process across multiple platforms.

The Problem:

The tedious task of registering payable invoices as they arrive and pushing them into an accounting system for payment can lead to inefficiencies and potential errors, especially when handled across multiple platforms.

The Base Solution:

With Base, effortlessly centralize invoices and seamlessly integrate with Xero for efficient payment processing. Simplify accounts payable and revolutionize your accounting system. Discover the power of simplicity with Base.

Step-by-step Guide to Pushing an AP Invoice to Xero:

1. Access Accounts Payable:

Log in to Base and navigate to the Accounts Payable section.

2. Selecting the Invoice:

You'll find a list of your invoices in the Accounts Payable section. Locate the invoice you wish to push to Xero. Click on the dropdown menu next to that particular invoice.

3. Push to Xero:

From the dropdown options, select Push to Xero.



A confirmation modal will pop up, ensuring you want to take this action.

4. Confirmation:

On the confirmation modal, select Push to confirm the push of the invoice to Xero.


5. Potential Integration Issues:

If you push to Xero or face integration errors, Base may not be configured with Xero integration. For assistance, contact your system administrator.


If you see this error, you’ll need to push the vendor to Xero. Please see pushing companies to Xero


  • Always double-check invoice details before pushing to ensure accurate financial recording in Xero.

  • Regularly update your Base system to enjoy seamless integration features with platforms like Xero.

  • Familiarize yourself with Base's Xero integration to make the most of the feature. If you haven’t set up your Xero integration yet or need a refresher, check our guides about Integrations.

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Have you encountered an issue or have more questions? Base’s dedicated support team is always here to assist. Let us help you navigate through our features and integrations seamlessly.

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