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How to Register an AP Vendor Invoice (Vendor Bill)
How to Register an AP Vendor Invoice (Vendor Bill)

This article focuses on registering an invoice on the AP module

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How to Register an AP Vendor Invoice (Vendor Bill) in Base

Simplifying Vendor Invoices for B2B Service Providers:

Stream operations by simplifying vendor invoice management, making it a breeze for your business. This guide simplifies financial management.

The Challenge:

When you receive a PDF invoice from a vendor, you might find it challenging to record details in a system without manual data entry, risking errors and mismanagement.

The Base Solution:

At Base, we value efficient financial operations. Our system enables seamless entry of vendor invoices through an intuitive form, ensuring accurate capture of all details for streamlined processing.

Step-by-step Guide to Registering AP Vendor Invoice:

1. Getting Started:

Launch Base and locate Accounts Payable on the left navigation pane. This is where all your payable transactions are managed.

2. Initiating Invoice Registration:

Once in the Accounts Payable section, click the Add New button and an invoice entry form will pop up on your screen.


3. Understanding the Invoice Form:

  • Vendor: This indicates the vendor or service provider from whom the invoice has been received.

  • Invoice Date: The date when the invoice was generated by the vendor.

  • Due Date: The deadline by which the invoice amount should be paid.

  • Invoice Amount: The total amount that needs to be paid.

  • Description: Any additional information or notes regarding the invoice.

  • Attachments: This is where you can upload the received PDF invoice for record-keeping.


4. Finalizing Registration:

After filling out all required fields, review the details for accuracy. Once satisfied, click on the Register button located at the bottom right of the modal to finalize the invoice registration.

Enhancing Efficiency Through Allocation:

After registering your vendor invoice, allocate the amounts to estimated costs for accurate financial tracking and improved service profitability.

Pro Tip: Leveraging Base's Allocate feature will let you reconcile vendor invoice amounts, giving you a clear financial picture at all times.

Need more insights or facing hurdles? Base’s dedicated support is just a click away. Dive deeper into our feature-rich ecosystem and make your B2B service operations a benchmark in efficiency.

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