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How to Link Charges & Expenses for Visibility
How to Link Charges & Expenses for Visibility

After transactions have been created within a job, they can be linking together or unlinked

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How to Link Charges & Expenses for Visibility

Navigating the Bigger Picture:

Managing large jobs can be like untangling a complex web. Keeping track of charges and expenses within a single job can feel overwhelming.

Your Guide to Integrating Charges & Expenses in Base:

1. How to Organize Your Charges and Expenses:

Our solution isn't about changing functionalities; it's about improving visibility. With Base, combine charges and expenses in a single line, providing a clearer overview and making it easier to understand.

2. Create Your Charge:

This process begins once a charge is established. The charge acts as a signal, allowing you to associate it with its respective expense.

3. Create Your Expense:

  • For New Expenses: There is a dropdown arrow next to every existing charge that will allow you to relate an expense to the charge. Click this button to get started.


While creating a new expense, there's a designated field displaying current charges. Choose the appropriate charge you wish to link.

  • For Pre-existing Expenses: If you're dealing with an already documented expense (that isn't linked yet), you can edit its parameters to associate it with a charge by clicking the dropdown arrow next to the expense


Here you’ll find a list of possible charges to relate the existing expense to


4. Wrapping it Up:

This feature is designed to handle the complexities businesses encounter when managing over 100 charges in a single job. Base connects expenses and charges to provide a clear overview, allowing you to easily analyze and compare all tasks within a job on a one-to-one basis.

Why this feature is critical:

The birth of this feature is rooted in the real-world challenge of managing voluminous charges within a job. It's our way to ensure that as you expand and build out your jobs, clarity, and organization are your companions.

Deepening Your Knowledge:

In the vast arena of B2B service provision, where every penny counts, having a transparent, organized view of your charges and expenses is not a luxury; it's a necessity. Let Base be your tool to effortlessly bridge charges and expenses, ensuring that even in the most sprawling of jobs, you always have a clear, consolidated picture.

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